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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Lat week when he had to travel last minute to Florida for the sad occasion of Mom-Mom's funeral we had to come up with babysitting coverage for the time we were away.  My parents had been prepared for this and were there and ready to spend the time.  But, Wednesday nights are always a conflict (and, conveniently, it is usually Jill's night to come visit) so we needed extra sitting in order for my mom to go to work.   My cousin Annette, Aunt Nettie to the boys, spent the time with them.  She brought along her new boyfriend who, by all standards is a keeper, according to Chase!!!!
Anyway, I texted Annette to check in, to make sure all was well while we were sharing memories of Mom-Mom at shivah.

My text said this:  "hey, everything good?"

Below was her response!!!

Were gooood!

Boy, did this response bring a smile to all of our long faces.   Looks like everyone had fun.  And, there are even vegetables on their plates!!!!

Thanks, Annette!!!!

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