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Monday, March 22, 2010

The call for Nana!

For a boy who has very few words Turner has a way of communicating that is irritating if not effective.  He points and grunts and shrieks and usually gets what he wants, eventually.  Lately, he will call for nana.  A nana, by logic, we thought was a banana but after enough bananas were thrown to the floor to gather apes we figured it must be something else.  You may think he was asking for a grandmother, but since both of his grandmothers are Mom-Mom we quickly crossed that off the list of possibilties.  The only thing that seemed to bring a smile to his face and a silencing to the shrieking was a pretzel.  So, we thought, nana meant pretzel.  And, we would respond to such a calling with a rod for each hand.  As it turns out, however, I think we are only part right.  I now think nana actually means snack, which is not such a bad derivative of the word, afterall.  He will call for nana, and though he still loves pretzels most, he is also happy when he hand him yogurt melts (another favorite) or any other snack that is in his sight.

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