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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow Blow Me a Kiss!

We were amidst the snowiest winter in Philadelphia's history.  Week 2 of February and we had already had over 70 inches of the white stuff with a large percentage coming that past week.  The weekend prior it had snowed about a foot and a half over night.  At the time, it was the most snow we had seen in years, giving us the feel of a Winter Wonderland as the once naked tree branches glistened from their just frozen frosting.  The snow was light and fluffy and though kids could still play in it, clean up was not so bad, not that I had anything to do with clearing our driveway. A few days later there was a blizzard that made the one prior look weak.  We had so much snow that now, nearly five weeks later and many days with spring like temperatures there is still some snow remaining!  Early in March now, it is possible we could still get more.

While all of this snow was falling from the sky.  While Chase and Ryder were making snow angels and Todd was inhaling a mix of oil and gas emitting from the snow blower, Turner began blowing kisses.  He does this.  He will hit a milestone quietly thinking no one will notice.  But we do!  He blows kisses now.  Sort of.  He can,  He has.  But, he doesn't.  In a fashion that reminds me of Ryder, Turner has a tendency to do something new, and then not do it again for some time.  Months from now he will perform all of his tricks but for now he just gives us glimpses of what he is capable of.

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