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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Boots Look Navy...

I bought two pair of purple boots.  I have three sons, yet I bought two pair of purple boots.  We had zero pair of snow boots and since we are amidst the snowiest winter in history, we needed snow boots.  Grateful for the last minute, since it is the only time I get anything accomplished, I needed boots on Tuesday for Wednesday's pending blizzard.  At the shoe store there were exactly two pair in the size I needed.  Both pair were purple.  Well, really they are navy boots. Navy boots with a lavender strip across the top.  But, as a mom to boys it was hard to not see it as purple.  But, they needed boots!  My choices at that moment were either I buy them purple boots or they needed to wear the fire chief rain boots to play in the snow that they have worn all the times before.  All the times before, however, were not not blizzards.  They were not even blizzards if you combine them together into one snow storm.  Wearing rain boots in a flurry with a dusting is ok, wearing them when the snow comes to your knees is another whole story.  So, I bought the boots.  The purple boots.  I n some light, or in no light, it looks silver, or light blue.  Or maybe it doesn't.  Todd was not appalled by the boots, he was surprised I described them as purple.  The boys did not notice.  All Ryder saw was the red lining inside and he was happy.  When they wear them, their snow pants cover the purple and they just look navy.  But, I know.  I know that I have three sons and two pair of purple boots.

But, at least they got to play in the snow.

(and, just for the record...our boys so prefer the beach!)

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