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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snap! Whistle! Wink!

Lately, Chase and Ryder have been interested in learning to snap.  To whistle.  To wink.   I remember when they were 8 months old and loved buzzing.  I would be forced by lashes and dimples to vibrate my lips in a "buuzzzzz" and they would laugh then attempt to mimic me.

Now, it is whistling, and snapping, and winking.  For such things I must send them to Todd, or to Pop-Pop, because these are not my areas of expertise.

I try to teach them to snap but either I am not a very good demonstrative teacher, or it's actually pretty difficult to do.  Either way, I am snapping middle finger to thumb and the boys are just rubbing fingers.
Then there is the whistling.  I "o" my lips and breathe out in some out of key tune, and occasionally a sound that is almost like a whistle will bounce off my lips.  Usually though, it is just forced air.
But, the real challenge comes when they ask me to wink.  Here's a little fun fact just below "I was born in a police car!"   I CAN'T WINK!  I never could. I try.  I try with my left eye and try with my right eye and both have me resembling someone amidst a Tourette's spasm. Sure, this inability makes it difficult to teach my sons to wink but, believe it or not, lacking the winking gene has caused me some extra challenges growing up.
For one, there was a time when I wanted to be an eye doctor, like my daddy.  To be an eye doctor, amongst other things, you have to take a lot of science classes.  Science classes involve microscopes.  Viewing objects in a microscope requires shutting one eye, winking, which I can't do.  Trust me, I have tried.  I was the only student in all of biology202 that had to cover my eye with my hand.  Every time.  Perhaps, that is the reason I did not get an A!  Also, I love taking pictures.  I have taken photography courses.  But, remember the old cameras?  Well, You need to close one eye to see through the view finder.  I needed to cover an eye.  Or, hold the camera a certain way so that the camera pressed up against my face so much that the eye I should have been closing was, instead, being compressed by a Nikon.  Luckily, technology has taken over and now allows me to use both eyes and a screen.
And then there is the drunken game of cops and robbers.  For the serious beer gamer I was quite the embarresment.  Squinting, blinking, ticing, not so discreetly hoping no one would notice and force me to chug my beer.  I hated that, particularly because, I can't chug beers either.  I can't chug anything fpr that matter.  Seriously, I choke on water.  It's sort of humorous if it weren't so odd.  Perhaps the gene for winking and chugging are one and the same.  Perhaps its also that same gene that stores the skill  for organization.  We may never know.
So, yes, as it turns out I am nothing more than a silly mess with my boys as they ask me over and over how to snap, whistle, or wink!!

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