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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his 6 Month Birthday!

Turner on his 6 month birthday!

Dear Turner,

Today you are six months old and what a six months it has been. I often call you my angel baby because that's what you are! You are a joy and a pleasure and could not be easier! You laugh, you coo, you smile, you squeal in delight and your cries are far and few between.
Although you do not have any to show for it yet, you are teething, and we think you may be experiencing some discomfort as your nighttime sleep has been disrupted. But, during the day you continue to be your happy self
Happy indeed, but not quiet! You talk and coo all day long and you screech at ear piercing volume, as if to say, "hey, don't forget about me!" I promise you we could never!
You take 3 meals a day now. Well, usually. When you don't it's because I, sometimes, mismanage my time and we skip a meal. Don't worry, I promise you are not going hungry. You are, however, taking less formula than you once were. A 6oz bottle is often enough, though we usually make you more.
You are getting ready to crawl. This both excites me and overwhelms me. Of course, I am so very proud of your every accomplishment, no matter how small. But, I am also aware of how your crawling could change so much. if you are anything like your brothers, and I am pretty confident that you are, once you start crawling you will be into everything all of the time, which means I will need to sharpen up!
We sure have been busy the last few weeks!! We went to our cousin, Sarah Rothstein Porter's, wedding. Your brothers were the ring bearers and your cousins the flower girl. You looked handsome in your linen shirt and pants. You were the perfect little boy the whole day, remaining quiet throughout the ceremony, but offering smiles and coos at all of the right times for all of the right people.

At Sarah's Wedding

Last year on Father's Day we told our families we were pregnant with you. This year we celebrated Father's Day Weekend by hosting our friends, The Pierce's. Scott and Reid, whom we met on our honeymoon, our close friends who live far. They came with their kids, Justin (11), Sawyer (3), and Arden (1). They met you for the first time, as we did Arden, and we all had a blast hanging out.
We moved down to Margate for the Summer, an adjustment you made with the same ease as you take everything. We spent the Fourth of July weekend with the Sperling's, who came from Cleveland and met you for the first time You dazzled them with your smile and your laid back demeanor. The Klaus' were also here for the weekend, and it was fun, and hectic, to have all of our families together. The weather was perfect all weekend long and we spent some time on the beach, which once again you seemed to love. You hung out in your tent, relaxed, and rested in the ocean breeze.
In the news, sadly, it has been a terrible month of celebrity deaths. Most shocking was the death of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. As a child I was a huge fan of his music and despite the fact that he was a very disturbed man, he was extremely talented. He was an icon in music around the world and I can assure you someday you will hear about the him, learn about him, and maybe, maybe you will be able to understand the talent he was.
We keep busy around here, that is for sure. But, you have a way of keeping up, happily. You are nothing but an absolute pleasure. Although the last 6 months have gone by in a blink, you have brought an increased amount of joy into our world. Everyday. You love your brother's and they have a way of making you laugh out loud. They love you, as well. It is wonderful to see how they hug and kiss you, try to play with you, want to feed you, and applaud your accomplishments. And, of course, mommy and daddy love you beyond measure. You are our baby boy, and nothing makes me more proud.

I love you so,

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