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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grammatical Errors

Chase and Ryder are pretty well spoken boys considering their age. Chase, who is articulate beyond his years, will often correct Ryder who may, on occasion, lisp an "s" sound or "ssshh" a "ct" sound. Sometimes, as many three year olds do and should, they will use incorrect grammar. Though Todd is often quick to correct their improper pronouns or dangling participles, sometimes they will get away with rearranging the words into the most adorable of sentences.


Ryder loves his chocolate milk, which is a cup of milk with a small squirt of Hershey's syrup. He can drink several cups a day and prefers it to juice or water.


The other day he had a stomach ache. I am pretty sure what he was feeling was constipation, as the little guy does have a tendency to get blocked up. He was showing signs of discomfort, whining, and saying his belly hurt. I was debating in my mind whether or not to dose him up with the all natural laxative we keep stocked.
He approached me with a near desperate look, asking to be held by holding up his hands. I picked him up and squeezed him tight and he said,
"Mommy, can I have some chocolate milk to feel me better?"

Sometimes, I am grateful they are not too well spoken yet!

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