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Friday, May 2, 2008


It's a fact, dandelions are weeds! Proud homeowners loathe the sight of dandelions in their lawn. Homeowners' children have a different opinion. The flowering dandelions, bright yellow in color, are the first flowers your child will pick for you, and the tender moment is etched into our memories. The matured dandelions, also known as wishies, can provide moments of fun for the kids, watching the white feathers whisk away with their blow.

A day at the park, dandelions around us, Chase and Ryder had their first moments with a dandelion wishie. I gave them each one and showed them how to blow. At times it was too close to their mouth leaving them with a feathered mustache, but once they blew it was with great delight. "Bubbles" they called them as they danced in the wind, and they picked another one from the ground.

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