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Monday, August 6, 2007


When Todd and I got married 4 years ago we spent a wonderful 15 days honeymooning in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an amazing country and I could write an entire post on the wonders of our travels. However this is about something else entirely. During our stay at the amazing Punta Islita, we met another couple, also honeymooning, who in the few short days we spent with them became good friends of ours. It was just one of those things, after a few (ok, many) drinks, and a beautiful hike and canoe into waterfalls, it actually felt like we had known them our whole life.We kept in touch with our new friends, mostly over email. We had an opportunity to hang out again, drinking and laughing, one year later when they were coming to town for a wedding. The fun ensued for the duration of their visit. As it would be, we were pregnant at the same time, and we both welcomed baby boys (though only one at the time for them) just two weeks apart. Our paths seemed parallel.
Just this past weekend the Pierce Posse, as they refer to themselves on their blog, came to visit us in Margate. The honeymoon had been, of course, one of the best times in our lives. We were younger, had less responsibility, and spent 15 days in bliss, guided by love and dreams of ever after, high on the memory of the biggest party of our lives. Now older, and parents, we tried to recapture the laughter echoing in the rain forest. And we did! Despite not seeing each other for almost three years, it seemed as if we had hung out recently, many times, over many years. We got to meet each other's children, congratulate them on the one in the oven, share stories, and hang out the way old friends do. In case we needed any confirmation (we didn't!!) of the good friends we had, our little guys gave us their approval. Ryder found a buddy in Scott and would sit upon his lap and chill out for a while. He has not done this since he has been able to move. Chase, many times in the 72 hours, chose Reid over me, and if you read mom-ument you know this is a serious indicator of how he feels about her. As Sunday approached we felt the dread of having to say goodbye.
Our goal is to try to plan these type of weekends a bit more often. Let our boys hang out and get to know each other, and hopefully spend more time with Justin when we can.
It was a weekend that should have spelled chaos- three one year old boys, a nine year old boy, one gender unknown baby on the way, 4 tired adults desiring a good time, an untallied number of dirty diapers, quite a few empty beer bottles, and a load of beach toys- but really it just spelled FUN. Lots of it!! We are already looking forward to next time!!


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