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Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Flight!

A lost camera, a first tantrum, and a bloody nose was how our adventure began. This past weekend we spent less than 48 hours in Florida. Although the trip was enjoyable and worthwhile, the travels were less than ideal.
Here is the thing about one year old boys, our boys at least, they do not like to sit still for two minutes let alone 2 hours.
Our flight was leaving at 5:15pm. We were aware that this was not nap time, bed time, or even the boys best time of day. We did figure, however, that we could entertain them in many 2 minute increments, plus feed them for a good 20 minutes or so and somehow, pass the time naturally. We were seeing the glass a bit too half full, I realize.
Things started out great and the boys were on their best behavior. We boarded the plane and set ourselves up so that the necessities (books, toys, cups, snacks) were within a one handed reach. Excited to photograph the boys on their first airplane ride I reached for my camera that I take with me everywhere, ready for those moments you just need to capture...only to learn that it was not in my bag. Immediately I knew that it was gone forever, left behind, perhaps, at Crazy Eight Bar in the Atlantic City Airport. I was immediately angry, and without my camera this first flight could not be captured on film. Unable to do anything about it, I tried to forget it for the time being....I was unable to.
The boys did not misbehave, per say, but they did climb up and down from floor to seat, flirt with the nice lady behind us, crawl over us and back, bang on the windows, squeal- often in delight, and so forth.
At take off they both put their noses to the window, watched out and screamed in excitement. They loved it, and Todd and I were thrilled that it was going to be an easy ride. As time passed, however, we felt the walls of the plane sinking in, as the cabin grew too small. Both Chase and Ryder found delight in turning the seats into their obstacle course and there was very little Todd or I could do to contain them.
Despite our best efforts, the descent proved to be troublesome, particularly for Chase who screamed an inconsolable wail for 25 minutes. His back was arched, his arms were flailing, his face was red and his screamed echoed. His flailing led to the bloody nose (mine) and I was never so happy to land.
Upon arrival in Florida, we quickly learned what was missing from our very nice accomodation...cribs. In case you are wondering a king sized bed does not sleep two tired adults and two rambunctious toddlers comfortably. We managed.
Our time in Florida, however, was quite enjoyable. We spent the day on Friday with Todd's mom-mom and it was wonderful for the boys to spend time with their great-grandmother. She looked great and was immediately overjoyed by the presence of her great-grandsons. Friday evening was spent with Todd's aunt. In addition to her spending time with the boys, we got to exchange stories and laughs. Aunt Bonnie's laugh is the best, and she makes for a great audience. Saturday we attended Joannie Herbert's Celebration of Life Memorial. The crowd was overwhelming, and the kind words being spoken were warming. It was not the place for Chase and Ryder, but we were able to keep them maintained, happy to be showing our respects to the mourning and allowing the distant family to meet our precious boys.
When it came time for the flight home we went into it with an open mind. It was now bed time and perhaps we would have different, better results. Not so much.
A basic repeat of the flight to Florida we were left wondering if we will ever fly with our kids again.....which has yet to be determined.

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