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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Chase and Ryder are swingers! It is fantastic to watch as they both sit back enjoying the breeze in their face, giggling, laughing and grinning. It reminds me how much I used to love the swings as a kid. Of course, I used to jump off the swing when it was at its highest point, but lets not give the boys any ideas.
At My Gym they can go in a double swing. It is fun when they are in there together, they always crack up. Although I always tell them to hold on tight, they often like to go with the no hands approach. It does not phase them when they are jilted backwards.
It was not always a great thrill for them, particularly for Chase, who was scared during his first swing ride. But now, he loves it, and it seems we can't push them high enough or fast enough. Their grins and laughter echoes with each swing.

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