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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Family Update

I recently sent an email to my family updating them of Chase, Ryder, Todd and myself. I thought it would be wise to post it to this site.

The Tovsky's welcome baby Naffy. It seems Andrew is getting his wish as of late with all of these boys.

Everything is going great here. Chase and Ryder are developing at normal rate for 5 month olds. It seems their premature status is no more!! They have recently gone up a size in diapers and in onesies. I suppose this is good news, but I am noticing as diaper sizes increase, the number of diapers in a case decreases and prices stay the same!!
They have been enjoying three meals a day of different flavored mush and both seem to have taken to eating with a spoon pretty well. They maintain a perfect mess daily.
They have smiles that light up the room (at least mine) and laughs that make you laugh. They both seem to fancy the ladies and have become quite the little flirts. They do sleep through the night most of the time, and only on occasion do they wake up to a wet crib! Ryder has made a sport out of rolling over and may not need to crawl, ever since he seems to be able to get across the room this way. Chase is capable of rolling over, but only does so when he feels like it. They are learning to smile when they see the camera, which is not surprising since I take a zillion pictures a day. I am told they are starting to look more alike every day.
As for Chase and Ryder's parents, we too are doing well. Our home is currently a haven of dust as we are digging up the tile in our foyer, only to replace it with new tile. Todd is working hard and recently celebrated, ever so quietly, 5 years of Associated Staffing. I am enjoying motherhood, marveled at how much laundry two babies can produce, how often diapers need to be changed and food needs to be given, and how difficult minor errands have become.
Nothing else to report from the Tovsky home....we hope we can all get together soon...hanukkah party, perhaps?

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