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Friday, March 4, 2016

A Letter to my Son on his First Birthday!

Dear Decker,

Growing in to the birthday shirt

Happy First Birthday.  You are One Year Happy!! 

First Birthday.  It makes me happy.  And, sad. I wonder where time has gone, even knowing there were long sleepless nights (though not very many.)  I wonder how it has only been a year?  Haven't you always been with us?   And, mostly, I am simply in awe of you. 

I remember this time last year; the unexpected delivery due to another failed non-stress test. The pending snow storm. The minor scare prior to delivery. I remember the doctors placing you in my arms, my son, still nameless, and I was instantly in love. And, how could I not be?  Everyone who meets you falls in love.  This has been the case since your infancy when you were a tiny, little peanut who brought calm and joy to your holder.  This was the case during your early smiles, and your tiny giggles.  It is the case now, with your silliness, your curls, your wonderful way, and, of course, your blue eyes- finding something, everything, to fall in love with is simple.
It's not just me, though I am quite possibly your biggest admirer, but it seems that anyone who knows you sees how special you are...instantly. I am pretty sure you inherited this trait from your namesake.

 You are a busy boy, always doing, touching, feeling, learning.  You have these skills that are so precise and capable that it blows us all away.  It shouldn't be that way at One.  But, this is YOU we are talking about.  You are studying the world around you and taking it all in.  We can see it in your eyes as you focus on whatever it is that is in front of you.  You watch our lips as we talk and you watch our hands as we use them. You use your pointer finger to touch things, feel them. I have no doubt you understand how everything works even if you are not able to do these things just yet.  And, though this "studious" side makes you come off  as serious, which you tend to be, you have a silly side that is revealed through your adorable giggles and your "hoorays."

You are a master climber, which began at a young age with the stairs, and has progressed to, well, everything.  You climb chairs, tables, furniture, book cases, me.  You are good at climbing, and seem to do it properly and safely.  You are taking steps, and are mighty proud each time you do, as are we, but are not yet walking, though you are a super fast crawler.

You love to play ball.  You will sit and we can roll it to you, but you will pick it up and chuck it right back.  If it is possible to have a good arm and an accurate throw at age one then you do.  Maybe it is luck. I doubt it. And, "ball" is your favorite word to say.  If you see a ball, any ball, any round object really, your eyes open wider, your mouth turns up just a bit, your finger points forward and "ball" comes out of your mouth.  Repeatedly and happily.

You love to "play" Patty Cake and Row, Row, Row your Boat and if I simply just say "Row, Row" to you you will start rocking back and forth.  You love when I sing the song D-E-C-K-E-R (sung to the tune of Bingo) and you love to eat wipes.  It's true.  It is disgusting (I have tasted one) and we always tell you so, but pulling wipes from the dispenser to put in your mouth happens a lot.  Too much.  Actually, most things end up in your mouth.  Sometimes I think you are just testing us, to see if we are paying attention, because you'll give us a look as you put your hand (filled with something that doesn't belong in your mouth) to your lips waiting for our "No, no, Decker, that isn't food." You like to bang on the piano and to strum a guitar and seem to dance a bit when music is played.  There's a special place in your heart for the men in our lives...which begins with your brothers, who are your favorite people, and includes your uncles.  When any of them are around there is not much time for anyone else.

Changing your diaper is impossible, because there is no way you are willing to sit still for the amount of time it takes to wipe a dirty toosh.  As is, wiping your nose, which is met with a scream of horror.  Wearing socks is not an option, in spite of many people's opinion on this, because you pull them off just as quickly as we put them on.

You are a good eater, only want table food, and prefer it be full of flavor- even spice.  Plain noodles are met with disgust, while noodles in a spicy red sauce are eaten at an adult portion.  You have a very clear way of letting us know that you are no longer interested in eating, and that is by chucking food clear across the room.  That's always our sign.  

You transitioned easily from a bottle to a cup and love your milk!  And, you've been enjoying Miss Cheryl's class where, finally at full capacity, you are surrounded by your harem of ladies.  Lucky little girls:)    You seem very happy at Bright Eyes and all of the teachers adore you.  How could they not?

At one year old you weigh 21 pounds, 8 ounces are 30.5 inches tall have an 18 inch head and a 19 inch chest and, although it is not something the doctor measures, you are very, very strong. True story.  You have muscle definition on your baby body.  I am pretty sure that is not typical.

Your birthday will be celebrated on Sunday with a pajama breakfast party.  Our family and closest friends will celebrate you, your first year of life and the wonder and joy you've brought all of us.  It is a well-deserved party.

Decker, In June of 2014 I was going along with life, as I had been for the years prior, assuming my family was complete. A month later I learned otherwise.  You are my every day reminder that things always happen exactly as they are supposed to even if it is not expected. From the very first second that you were born it was clear that our family was never complete without you. You bring such joy to each and every one of us and are loved, adoringly, by all .  I will continue to ride the waves as they come knowing that what is meant to be will happen. You are my proof.

All 366 days (thank you leap year) since your birth have been filled with a happiness and an admiration and an awe that only you, Decker Jaime Tovsky, could provide.  There is not a moment that passes that I am not grateful and that I am not proud.  

I love you so, every day.....


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