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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Letter to my Son on his Fifth Month Birthday!

Dear Decker,

Happy 5 months, 5 months happy. That's what you are, really, 5 months happy. Always. Smiles, giggles, a sparkle in your eye- a true breath of fresh air. 

At 5 months you weigh 15.4 lbs, are 26 inches long, and have a head and chest that are 17 inches. You have two teeth, you hair is growing thicker, and, your eyes are, still, very blue.  Every morning when I get you out of your crib it is the first thing I look at....if your eyes are still blue. 

You are calm, easy going, and so much fun to be around because you instantly make me, everyone, smile. 

You eat well, sleep well, and go with the flow, well. You're rolling all around, have your arms and legs in constant motion, and are working on sitting up.  You have had two teeth, the bottom, pop through and must have more coming because you constantly have a shirt wet from drool and fingers in your mouth.

You are ticklish and will get a very pleased looked on your face with every tickle. And, when you laugh, you giggle hard with your mouth wide open!  When I stroke your face with a finger you half close your eyes, half smile, and sit back and enjoy the calming sensation.

You love the exersaucer, your brothers, and to make adorable coo sounds that beg to be imitated. You love to have your toes touch your nose and to have your hands clapped together.

In 5 months you have been to a number of soccer fields, more baseball fields than I can actually count, and a whole lot of parties.  This summer we spend most days parked under a tree at the swim club. You and I sit, shaded, and hang out, while your brothers run wild.  Our tree is a constant detour for all of the kids.  They want to see you, hold you, play with you.  It is wonderful to see all kids, particularly the flock of 9 year old boys, adore you like they do.


I love you so,

Turner at 5 months

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