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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his 5 Month Birthday!

Turner on his 5 Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

Today you turn five months old! Despite being less than half of a year old you seem to show personality and expression well beyond your months. You are the happiest baby. You smile often and cry little. You are laid back and totally flexible, which is a good thing since we spend our time catering to Chase and Ryder's schedule that there has not been a real opportunity to set your schedule.
Life has been a bit more hectic these days, but you continue to be a breeze. You only cry, if at all, when you are tired. You laugh out loud when you are tickled and at your brothers' shenanigans. No one and nothing can make you laugh like them.
This month you found your tongue. You flex this muscle as often as you can, sticking it out, moving it around. It won't be long until you will be zerberting your drool!
You do drool, and you suck on your hands, and you often leave my shirt soaking wet. All of these, I believe, are the early signs of teething.
In addition to your four 8 ounce bottles a day, which for the record I should add you have been trying to hold all on your own, we broadened your palette this month by beginning food! It took about two weeks before you figured it out, but now you are pretty good at it. Unfortunately, your mother offers you no consistency in when you receive these meals. It is a good thing you are a very easy going kid!
So far you have enjoyed pears, bananas, and peas in addition to the oatmeal. Next up: applesauce.
Also this month, we spent Memorial Day weekend in Margate. We took you on your first beach outing, where you did great and really seemed to enjoy the salty, ocean air.
Although you do not roll over regularly still, there are times when I will see you attempting to get up on your knees. Oh my, is crawling in the near future?
You like music, your brothers', and when I clap your hands.
Your hair is growing in thicker and seems to be dirty blonde and curly. Your eyes continue to be a beautiful, light grey-blue. Your smile is rewarding, your demeanor is pleasurable, and your face is precious. Sometimes, when it is just you and I, I will run my finger down the side of your face. You love it! Your eyes half-close, your lips half smile- you are caught between being relaxed and being tickled!

You are my baby boy! You are a joy and a pleasure and you make me so proud. I see glimpses of the boy you will be and I get excited to watch your personality blossom. You bring joy to those who hold you, those who love you, and not a moment goes by that I am not thrilled that you are my son, my baby, my Turner!

I love you so,

Who found his tongue?

The laughter of little boys!

My happy baby boy!

Want to hear me laugh??

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