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Friday, July 3, 2015

A Letter to my Son on his 4 Month Birthday!

Dear Decker,

Days keep passing and they become months and suddenly 1/3 of the first year is behind us. Amazing how that happens. Sadly, though, it's not the fast passing of the first year that has me fighting tears, it's knowing, by looking at your brothers, that in a blink of an eye you will be 9.  I cherish these early days with you more than you know. 

At four months old you are a wonderful dream come true. You have earned the absolute love and delight of each of us who lives with you and the many who come to visit. You're nothing but smiles and coos and laughs.  All of the time.  You truly are the happiest baby on the block- no same titled book to follow required. 

You are strong. You have had head control for quite some time. You roll over both ways, you kick with some force, and you've recently started to try to crawl. A sort of army control that does give you some rug burns but also gets you 3-4 ft across a room. For all accounts it is too early for such movement. You've also been sitting in the high chair to hang out and are now playing in the exersaucer, both things I expected to have to wait until 6 months. 

You're a great sleeper and are starting to put yourself on a schedule in spite of the impossibility of scheduling due to our very busy life. You're flexible enough to have a different bed time each night and still manage to schedule yourself throughout the day, each nap coming about 2 hours after you wake.

You take 7 ounces per bottle with 5 bottles a day, though these past few days you've only had 4 bottles and it seems to be working out.  Although you don't fuss about it, you seem to prefer Similac formula over Gerber.  With the Gerber you seem to throw up more and poop more.  Of course, it was the Gerber we were given a lot of samples of.

Your hair is growing in quite well, and the remaining spot on the back, that looked rather silly when you were bald, has filled in nicely and though the hair from your comb-over remains, it looks less like a comb-over and  more like just a part of your hair, with one long strand.

You gained  1lb 3 oz this month putting you at 14.7 (13.4 at 3 months) and grew a half inch and now measure at 24.5 inches.  You seem big, you feel heavy, and, yes, you are growing up too fast.

Your eyes are still a very beautiful blue!!

Most people say you look just like Turner as a baby and, it's true, I see it too.  But, to me, you are just Decker, my little Dex, I just see beautiful you.

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