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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Letter to my Son on his 2 Month Birthday!

Dear Decker,

Happy Two Month Birthday!  It seems a little strange to count months, being you're the 4th kid and all, but these first 12, even 24, months so much happens that there's no other way to indicate such milestones.  

Two months.  You're still just a newborn. One who sleeps often. But, as new as you are, I can't quite believe it's been only two months because, my dear boy, it feels as if you've been with us all along. There was always Decker.  Even when there wasn't. 

This past month, if summed up in a word, would have to be described as GROWTH!  In 30 days you gained 3 pounds 7 oz and grew 2 inches (currently, 10 lbs, 9 0z, and 23 inches.)  You no longer fit into newborn clothing and your tiny little toosie is now bigger than my hand.  You're in size 1 diapers, which in the span of a week, went from being big to not so much on you.  Even the doctor was amazed at such growth, part of which may be from the change to formula.  It hadn't been my intention to formula feed you, at least not yet, but the 3 day stay in the hospital for a mastitis kind of got in the way. 

You are not particular to breast or bottle. You're not particular to any kind of specific formula. As long as you're being fed, you're happy. It is exactly this laid back personality that fits in well around here. 

You take just about 6 ounces every 3-4 hours.  This seems like quite a lot to me, for someone your size. At least it did, until I was given your new weight. You still wake during the night once, some times twice, and though I want to love that quiet time with you, I do find myself to be exhausted and usually fall asleep feeding you. I'll wake up in the chair, with you in my arms, hours later!  

In the last couple of weeks you have found your smile and each day you use it more and more.  It's an adorable smile, as anyone would suspect, and lights up your whole face each time you do it.  And, as a result, it lights up my whole world. 

You have a dimple, I think.  Maybe even two. But, oddly, they don't always show. This is not typical of such a mark and I am not sure if they are actually there or not, though I am sure I have seen it. 

Your eyes are big and, remarkably, blue. A color so beautiful I can't help but stare. And, though the odds are against this color remaining, when I am lost in the light color that has so much depth, I can't help but think I will have a blue eyed son. Your lashes are long and light in color, much lighter than the rest of your hair, which remains real dark.  And, though you've lost the hair that was on your forehead you haven't lost too much from your head.

You have pretty good head control, enjoy your tummy time, and are easy going and go with the flow.  Which is good, since you are carted around on a regular basis.  You will often fall asleep at one field and wake up at an entirely differently ball field.  You're passed around from arms to arms to arms without much care and each person who holds you adores you so.

Your brothers love you! They fight over who gets to sit next to you, to hold you, to feed you.  Who knows, maybe they are just looking for reason to fight.  They have changed your diapers, particularly Ryder, given you bottles, and, against my rules, taken you from your crib and carried you around the house.  They are protective of you they way big brothers should be.

And, I adore you.  Each day I just stare at you, I trace your face with my finger, knowing full well tomorrow your face will change, again.  I am trying to savor each moment of your babyhood because it won't  be long before you are running along side your brothers.  You bring all of us so much joy and not a moment passes that I am not grateful for your presence in our lives.

I love you so and am excited to see the boy you become.  You make me a very proud mama, for sure.

I love you, Decker.


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