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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Welcome Baby 4!

I've never been a big planner.  I usually find, in my life, that the best laid plans fail to complete.  Flying by the seat of my pants usually worked for me, at least in my younger years.

But, when you're pregnant with your 4th kid as you approach your 40th birthday and you've had two previous c-sections, doctors insist on planning.  So, we did. And I had a c-section scheduled for Thursday, March 5th.  And, because for the first time, we knew we were having a boy, we planned the bris for 8 days later. 
With this plan set, I also planned my three off days between work and baby 4's arrival.  So many plans. 

I had a feeling it wouldn't pan out. My oversized gut told me so. And, yesterday, March 3rd, two days earlier than planned, we welcomed our very special little boy. 

He is smaller (much) than I expected and has gone nameless longer than expected.  But, though unexpected has been the theme thus far, he is hardly unwelcomed. Baby four is the absolute best surprise in my life.

Things happened rather quickly after we did a lot of waiting and a drop in heart rate and the cord being wrapped around his neck gave us quite the scare, but once they held up our beautiful son for us to see everything in our life had gotten better.  

Baby 4 is only 6 pounds 3 ounces and is 20 inches long.  He has a lean body type and a very small head.  He was born at 1:43pm on 3/3 and in the minutes that followed his birth I fell absolutely in love with yet another Tovsky boy!  

At first glance he reminded both Todd and I of a newborn Ryder.  But, his full head of black hair and lanky body are more reminiscent of Chase.  He resembles both of his biggest brothers, looking like Ryder head on but Chase from the profile.  He has long skinny fingers that look like match sticks and toes that are almost as long as his fingers. His nose is so tiny we wonder if he can breathe and the little bit his eyes have been open gleam a deep blue that will likely become brown months from now.  His cry, seldomly heard, is a squeaky little whimper, and his ears are small and flat against his head.  His lips form a perfect pink heart and his lashes and brows have yet to come in.  I think I've noticed a dimple or two while he's been sucking and his face is that of an angel. 

He's absolutely perfect in so many ways and I am honored and proud to call him my son. 

Baby 4, welcome to the world, to our world, to our special, little (big) family.  We are privileged to have you as the completing piece and I look forward to every day that is to come.  

You could not be more loved or adored!!!

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