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Friday, September 7, 2012

Turner's First Day of the 3's

Turner started the 3's program at Ohev Shalom earlier this week.  After a successful year last year despite his tendency to not speak to the teachers and his refusal to use the potty we are already off to a better start this year.  He is comfortable with Miss Beth and Miss Robin, knowing his brothers had them, and having gotten to know Miss Robin at Briarwood this summer.  He was super excited for school to start and has happily gone both days this week.  here is to a great year.

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D J said...

Stumbled upon your blog while researching for an article on my own. Became intrigued by your style, and read several posts (well quite a few). I'd be the first to say bloggers are entitled to burn out on the posting "grind"; but... I hope you can throw together a couple of words - at least once a year, because your birthday letters are a tradition that you could just possibly need sometime to get you through the adolescent years (hope not, but you never know and this many years worth of effort isn't something to let go.) They are something special that not many mothers can say they've done.

[I've also posted a link to your article about discipline on my site.]