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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Letter to my Son on his 22nd and 23rd Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

Happy 22nd Month Birthday!!  Happy 23rd Month Birthday!  Despite my best intentions, including drafted postings with notes of your milestones, I failed to write your 22nd month letter as I had hoped.  And, as of today I am almost two weeks late on your 23rd month letter.   But, here it is.

You've gotten taller and thinner and louder and cuter as each and every day passes.  Your words are becoming more clear and your vocabulary increases every day.  A new day begins and before night falls you will add another word to your list...this week it was carousel.  All three syllables said with clarity.
You've also learned to say your own name, which was done the first time when you pointed to a picture of yourself and exclaimed with delight "Tuhnuh," not quite rolling your tongue on those R's yet.
You speak perfectly clear on many words using annunciation that makes me so very proud.  Other words you have made your own, and in doing so, have made them ours too.  For example:  Aunt Amy, who is one of your current favorite people in your world, is now "anmamie" and I find myself wanting to call her that too.  Mickey Mouse is "Mimick" and Nikki (Fink) is "Ninick"  Nikki comes along with Gayher" (Jagger) and Baby (Brody.)  Your favorite toy is your "sitar" and very much like Ryder at your age, you drag it around the house banging into walls and strumming strings.  You insist on the guitar with the strap, no other one will do, and when you ask me to play I must wear the strap as well.   Your favorite game is elefun.  Oh what fun watching the butterflies fall to the ground.  Luckily you seem to have an early onset case of OCD and insist on cleaning them, and everything else up.  Lids must be closed.  Along with doors. Lights must be off.  Toys must be put away, and you sing while doing it "time to put the toys away, toys away, toys away.  Time to put the toys away, toys away right now."
You loved hannukah, mostly lighting of the candles, and now ask for "more hanukkah" whenever you see candles anywhere.
You have a very commanding way.  Asking us to "sit down" or to "follow me" can never be denied as you look us directly in the eye and mesmerize us with your smile.  You are showing signs of leadership that I hope stay with you as you get older.
Buckles have become a new fascination and you want to buckle your straps and screw on lids.  You have also, recently, become interested in the batteries in toys and want to use the screwdriver to unfasten the lid so that you can change them, even if they don't need to be changed.
You love your brothers and do everything you can to keep up with them.  When watching you chase them around the house with joy it is easy to forget you are not quite two.
Recently you have also taken interest in the "pahpah!"  You will strip down and sit on the potty then call for "CHASE-RYRY" and wait until they see you sitting there.  You have yet to pee in the potty but are so very proud of the fact that you sit there.
You are such a fun boy.  It seems that where ever we go, whatever we do, you have fun!  We have fun!!
It's just who you are.  You love to laugh and to play and to be as active as a boy should be.  Everyone around you has a good time as well.
You love to sing and to dance, as well as jam on the guitar and bang on the drums.  You seem to be very musical and will hum happily in the car and chant the songs we learn in our classes.  You also really enjoy crafts and painting and are always so proud of your finished projects.  Recently you have taken to putting things in your "pock" and find it fun to store little items in your jeans.
You are a good boy who often follows instructions and listens even when I say no.  At moments you get shy, of course, but overall are a friendly boy with a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh.

You are growing up (too) fast and it is delightful and heartbreaking.   I couldn't be more proud of who you are and who you are becoming and every moment that I marvel at you I realize I am beyond blessed to call you my son.

I love you so,

Just for record keeping here is a list of words (that I can think of) that you say:

Gobble Gobble
Quack Quack (done with the hand motions)
Pooh (as in "Winnie the")
PU (as in "my diaper stinks)
More Please
Kate (your friend and new obsession)
Mommy (although you call me mom, usually),
Pow pow (powder)
Barbar (Barney)
baybay (blanket)
Pop (lolli) or popsicle or poptart
Caca (Aunt Carri)
Secha (parachute)
Cacakes (pancakes)
Mote (remote)
(Yo) Gabba Gabba
Gahage (garage)
Follow me
Come here

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