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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Letter to my Son on his 21 Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

Happy 21 Months!!


This morning I woke up to these pictures in my inbox.  Mathew had sent them, perhaps while going through his hard drive.  I thought, how appropriate, to receive these pictures on the 21 month anniversary of your birth.  These pictures brought an immediate smile to my face and a warm feeling to my body.  I remember these moments like they were yesterday, and teary eyed I marvel at how quickly time has passed.  How big you have become.  How wonderful you are.
You were just a few days old in these pictures, now you are 21 months.  When people ask me how old you are, I always say almost two.  ALMOST TWO!!!  That is crazy.  But, true.  And, though I have no interest in rushing time any more than at the speed with which it already passes, the description is accurate.  You communicate now with a large handful of words and gestures.  You follow direction better than most toddlers I have ever known.  You smile endlessly and giggle relentlessly and walk around the house humming and singing and dancing.  You are a a happy, wonderful boy.

You have found a new interest in arts and crafts and will sit at the table and get out the crayons, markers, and paints and start scribbling away.  You are an active participant at the Little Gym, at Creative Parenting, and at our play group.  (Our play group, by the way, meets Friday mornings and includes: Sawyer Cohen, Jeremy Leon, Jackson Woodruff, Logan Wurtz and sometimes Emmy LaPlatt.)  You are such a good boy, who follows instructions, loves  to clean up, and loves to sing and dance.  You have a thing for your shoes, and mine, and want them to always be on your feet.  And, mine.  You insist on doors closed and lights off.  Always!  You have learned to ride your motorcycle by yourself and still love the trampoline.  You have amazing balance on it, for a toddler.  Of course, you have been bounced around on that thing since you were a baby.  You love to take your brother's to school, carry their bags, place their lunches in the bin and put their folders where they belong.  You also insist on seeing both mine and "Anmaime's" confirmation pictures, which hang outside of Chase and Ryder's classroom.  A lovely sight, really!!

We spend our days together.  Something I never had before, one on one time, and I truly love it.  You always have a smile on your face, which, ultimately, puts one on mine as well.

Sometimes you eat, sometimes you don't.  Mostly you play.  Alone, with your brothers.  With me.  You will walk over, grab my hand and lead me where you want to go. I love that you take initiative like that.  You love your daddy and ask for him all day long.  He feels the same about you!!
You also love your "baybay," which is the blanket that you sleep with.  You ask for it by saying, "my baybay, my baybay" and tap your palm to your chest indicating "mine!"  You love your "fre" ,or friend, which is your mini blanket, "bah bah" (barney) and "BU" (Buzz!)  Clearly, you drop the last syllable of most words.

It is hard to believe you are almost two, but every second that has passed has been enjoyable.  you are a true pleasure of a boy and every moment of every day I am beyond proud.  The pictures above, to those below, so much time has passed and you have grown so much and I am just grateful I haven't blinked and missed it.

I love you so!!!!

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