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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shoeless Joe

Ryder lost his shoe. Some time between 5:30 pm on Wed. afternoon and before he went to bed that night (8:30pm) His shoe vanished into thin air. Most people I tell this story to, find it hilarious. I suppose it is funny, but when it is one of the coldest days thus far, it is sleeting rain, you have a class which begins in 15 minutes and you are trying to get yourself and two toddlers out the door at 9:30am, the humor is lost. I searched all visible objects. I tore the couch apart and looked between the pillows. I looked in all trash cans and checked all bags and bins....still no shoe. So, I took him out without them. When they were infants they never wore shoes, so it is only a year later. I took them to class, only let Ryder's feet hit the ground once we were in the classroom and right after class took him to the shoe store to buy him a new pair of kicks. He made out because he also got a new pair of sneakers. The shoe was never found. Our guess is one of the two boys deposited it into one of the trash cans and it went out with the trash that Wed. night.
Last April we had a similar disappearance act. Todd and I were in Jamaica. When we left there were 8 bottles. When we returned, there were 7. None of the babysitters knew where it was nor what happened to it, and all said they washed two bottles every time. Hmmmm.....three weeks later it was discovered behind the couch. Maybe I should go move some couches?!

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