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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017

2016 was a historical year. It was flooded with celebrity deaths that were heartbreaking and littered with political craziness in the ridiculous election of Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump that, somehow, has Donald Trump as our President-Elect. It was a year of a lot of hard work, a lot (A LOT) of activity, so much hockey, a good amount of baseball, tons of family and tons of friends. And, though I can't say it was a bad year by any standards, as all years do, it had to end. We celebrated the welcoming of 2017 at the Metzger's and had a nice time, though it felt weird to be without the Klaus's, the Levin's, and the Cohen's. And, Decker was still awake when the ball touched ground at exactly midnight. Welcome to 2017, baby boy.

We missed you too!

The first minutes of 2017 and this guy is bright eyed


Excited to party

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