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Saturday, August 13, 2011

ABC, 123

Every summer the Busy Bees at Briarwood Day Camp perform a camp show.  Being that this is our first summer, this was a new experience for us.  The boys were excited about from the get go and walked around the house singing their songs, which included ABC by the Jackson 5.

When the boys first started singing the song at home they couldn't believe that I KNEW who the Jackson 5 were.  And better, that I would have their CD.  (Really, it was Todd's but...)  They were so excited when I played the CD for them and what followed was an hour lesson (you tube footage ad nauseum included) of the wonder that was known as Michael Jackson.

As they prepared, daily, for their Busy Bee show they wouldn't share much else with me.  Instead I had to be surprised when I got there.  They were the "boys from Detroit" and they all looked adorable with their 'hawks and their slicked back hair.  For Ryder it was all part of dressing up and he loves to gel his hair back.  For Chase, he was a trooper, but warned me he doesn't prefer to wear his hear spiked up (I ask him to spike it up all of the time, he always says no!)

The show was cute, though I will stick to my guns and say all children's show that involve their participation should be limited to 60 seconds.  After that, you lose them one by one.  After, there was a breakfast which allowed us an opportunity to chat with the counselors and the other boys' parents.  Also, it was a great opportunity to see the boys in the element of Briarwood.

Here are some photos from the day:

The Dragonflies from Detroit

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