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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday was a monumental day. One which should have required an overdose of Prozac, but didn't because I am sticking to my plan of total DENIAL.

Chase and Ryder graduated from Pre-school. I understand a good part of the world does not even attend Pre-school so to insist this milestone is remarkable is just silly.

But, still, for me it was a bittersweet moment. Somehow my pre-mature babies have matured, leaving no indications of being preemies at all.  Despite being "young" for their class, and in spite of the red-shirting trend, Chase and Ryder are kindergarten ready.

I have mixed feelings about this.  Typical Jewish mother, I suppose. As I marvel in the boys that they have become and anticipate the men that they will be, I get weepy over their infant pictures and wonder how it all happened. So fast?    This is something I will battle with my whole life. First pre-school aisles then wedding aisles.

It was a hot and humid day for June.  Hot for August, even.  The only thing hotter than the air was Ryder, who had 103 fever when he woke up that morning.   Both boys had been so excited for the day, had counted down every day since June 1st. They knew what graduation meant, including the thrilling fact of 12 weeks of no school.  They had practiced their songs, rehearsed their walk, picked out their outfits (including a new shirt and red tie for Ryder!). They were ready.  There was no way he was missing this big day.  Even the teachers told me to dose him up and bring him in. 

So we did. 

And, he was a trooper.

The boys walked the aisle, hand in hand, mortar boards atop their heads.   They sang their songs, smiled occasionally, and joined their friends in the shouting of everyone's names during the slideshow.  Then, one by one, each child was called up to receive their diploma and the obligatory hug from the teachers they so adored (and who adored them right back!)

After, we headed over to "the other side" of the sanctuary for an Oneg.  No Jewish event is complete without one no matter how light the spread.

We went home for more food and enjoyed lunch with the family, gifts, and some rest before the busy night of final soccer practices and first recitals.

Entertaining the graduates

It was a fantastic day and I have yet to shed a tear.    Maybe it's knowing I am free of the double tuition that's bringing me joy on such occasions.

First day of pre-school, ever!  My how they grew!!

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