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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gobble Gobble

"A turkey is a funny bird, his head goes wobble wobble
he only knows just one word, gobble, gobble, gobble"

I think this is a cute song. I learned it in mommy and me and the boys seem to like it. I am not sure how well it went over when I sung it to them as they looked at the raw, dead flesh of an about to be cooked turkey. I hope they still find the song fun!!
Overall, Thanksgiving was great. The soups I made were a hit with the peanut gallery, though I felt that after simmering for nearly 20 hours they both tasted a bit burnt. Being my own toughest critic, I suppose it is more important the gallery approved. Our turkey was pretty delicious, but an overstuffed middle led cause to an undercooked leg (or two.) Luckily, there was more than enough delicious food to go around (plus a whole other turkey) so it was not missed. Amy's banana birthday cake was a hit, and Jill's assortments of cakes left us once again in a position of hard choice forcing us to have a piece of everything. My parents put on a wonderful dinner, the food was all fantastic and all the guests were on time and in good spirits, the indulging of spirits always helps, of course.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A non-religious gathering of family and loved ones that revolves around food, you gotta love that. I know we all did. Here are some pix from the night.

Here is a picture of Chase enjoying, all too much, chicken noodle soup at Thanksgiving dinner. Notice the glass bowl? It was not long before that bowl was on the floor, in pieces. Lesson: Never give glass bowl to toddler.

Here we see Chase donning a pair of Mom-Mom's glasses. He always loves to wear them, and if I must say so myself, he looks pretty cute!

An attempt at a family picture.

Amy and Madden

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